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Another Newbie's Introduction

I've just recently started sponsoring... In fact, I'm still waiting for the information packet to arrive.
This is my first time being a sponsor and I'm really glad I found a community for it ^-^


Name: Tessy
Age: 18
Location: Singapore
Sponsored any children: Yes, just recently started ^-^
Since: 2 days ago, the 2nd of Sept 08
Which Organisation: Compassion

The child I'm sponsoring lives in the Philippines. Her name is Veronilyn and she's 7 years old. I honestly can't wait 'till my packet arrives... I'm really looking forward to writing her a letter.

I'll definitely be bragging about Veronilyn once I learn more about her :p So, until then, I do hope to get some tips from those of you who have been sponsoring a child for longer than I have. Common questions of course, what do you usually write about in your letters? And how often does your children write back? And, this is a little embarassing, but is it too soon to visit a child if you've just started sponsoring her recently?

Thanks in advanced. Hope I'll fit right in in this community ^-^
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yayhappens From: yayhappens Date: September 6th, 2008 07:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Welcome! I hope your experience is wonderful! I'm still getting so many letters from my sponsored kids, I almost can't keep up!


Blessings to you!
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